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  • “Hands of Gold!”

    Ursula M.
  • “Now I know what heaven feels like!”      

    ( first massage @ age 92 )

    Evelyn H.
  • “That wasn't good, that was Excellent!”

    James W.
  • “Thank You for aiding in my recovery with your healing hands and environment.”

     Marcy W.
  • “I look forward to my next appointment with you, like I look forward to my birthday and Christmas”

    Irene H.
  • “Thank you for putting my body back together again, after being poked, probed and tested at the hospital, you are truly a healer!”

    Irene H.
  • “A world of difference, Thank you for your gift!” ( after knee surgery )

    Jay T.
  • “Your massage and ice, I feel good, No one ( Doctors, PT's, OT's etc. ) 

    has suggested ice massage.”

    Debbie B.
  • “I feel beautiful as a newborn!”

    Nancy K.
  • “You give an intelligent massage, What I mean is you go to the origin 

    and insertion of a muscle.  I have had massages in my travels in different hotels or spas, they work deep where not needed, very procedural.”

    Michele Y.

21 West 2nd Street, Suite 13,
Riverhead, NY 11901 

Phone: +1 631.813.6911